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Next Generation Artificial Tear


Time to Exit

to 36 Months

Project Summary

EternaTear™ is the next generation OTC artificial tear bringing lasting relief to the millions of people who suffer from progressive dry eye, a painful and often debilitating condition. By addressing this large and growing need, this product has the potential for widespread patient adoption while representing a significant opportunity.

EternaTear™ is a group of seasoned healthcare product developers and ophthalmic experts with a proven track record; our team is responsible for developing artificial tears that generate more than $350M in annual revenue. We are currently raising capital to fund formulation refinement, market studies, and manufacturing scale-up then work with a strategic partner to bring EternaTear to market within 30 months.


Refractive Implant


Time to Exit

to 48 Months

Project Summary

  • Ophthalmic surgeon designed next generation refractive implant
  • Patented implant & procedure developed to fit the Skill Set of cataract surgeons
  •  Optics designed to address Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism with Presbyopia,
  • Proven (30+ years) intraocular implant location
  •  Unique & patented implant design to be easily removable or adjustable in-situ

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